Tamales   in  Korea

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The chefs of Tamales in Korea have a rich and long experience in France, Spain, Monaco, Italy, Korea and many other countries, but have also taken courses of Thai cuisine in the famous Thai Satay Restaurant located in Toronto Canada, they have cooked for the Prince Rainiero in Monaco and for the Spanish princes (now the kings), so they decided to share with all of us their cooking knowledge and to offer us the opportunity of get and eat home made food made with 100% natural ingredients and confectioned with the highest hygienic standards.

So we just start this new adventure offering several delicious items:

  • Home made raviolis: ricotta and spinach, mascarpone and pecan nuts
  • Fresh tagliatelle
  • Fresh spaghetti
  • Pomodoro Sauce
  • Bolognesa Sauce
  • Lasagna: spinach and cheese, beef or seafood
  • Minestrone Soup
  • Spanish tortilla
  • Calamaris in their own ink
  • Paella
  • Green curry with beef, chicken, shrimps, tofu or vegetables
  • Red curry  with beef, chicken, shrimps, tofu or vegetables
  • Panang curry  with beef, chicken, shrimps, tofu or vegetables
  • Spring rolls stuffed with vegetables or chicken and potato
  • Coconut soup
  • Waffles: vanilla, chocolate, orange, chia, whole grain, figs, blueberry, etc.
  • Pound cakes: coffee, marbled, chocolate and orange, whole grain, lemon and champagne, double cream and more
  • Mini pound cakes
  • Fruit cakes all along the year
  • And many other specilalties

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